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stands for. >> we'll explain what the obama administration did this time and how robert gibbs is trying to spin it. >> why some activists want to force ronald mcdonald into an early retirement. hannity starts right now. today marks the ninth day of the seemingly unstoppable protests on the seats of egypt. chaos and violence intensified with pro and anti-government forces throwing molotov cocktails and rocks and beating each other with iron bars. all the while president mubarak was reaffirmed his refusal to give into the demands by stepping down. fox news correspondent greg palkot and his photographer were detained and severely beaten yesterday by pro government forces. they sustained griff injuries and spent the night in the hospital. thankfully, we know they are safe and sound at this moment. this incident is part of a wave of violence against journalists. today cbs news chief foreign correspondent laura logan and her crew were detained in cairo and four of their employees were carjacked and threatened with beheading. yesterday cnn's anderson cooper was repeatedly punched in the head.
as president obama pulled his support of mubarak and urged him not to run again. president obama responded to the news earlier tonight. >> the president: after his speech tonight, i spoke directly to president mubarak. he recognizes the status quo is not sustainable and a change must take place. the fear of civil unrest continues to spread. has clearly shaken up the king of jordan. today he gave into public pressure and cleaned house by firing his government and appointing a new prime minister, effective immediately. his priorities will be to provide economic reform and increase popular participation in the decision-making process. do any of these changes go far enough? here with us is arizona senator mccain. a member of the committee on homeland security and governmental affairs. thanks for being with us. >> thank you, interesting times. >> sean: interesting and extraordinarily dangerous. i listened closely to the president's remarks tonight. as he was praising the demonstrators, and showing his support for the demonstrators, he didn't -- and talking about full participation even though o
are confused about this, we are going to run danger of president obama following president carter, where carter lost iran. i could imagine obama losing egypt. >> sean: i think the ship has sailed. there seems to be no organized leader in terms of those that want true freedom, liberty and . the muslim brotherhood is organized and better financed and probably better armed. it seems likelihood, depending on what the military does that is going to be likely. you are at cpac today. you offer suggestions of how barack obama would be deserving to speak at cpac. all domestic. foreign policy is front and center in the country. how big an issue do you think foreign policy becomes in the 2012 election as you travel? >> well, i don't know yet. i think that if you go back and look at the period before the shah collapsed, carter looked fine. the period after there was a hostage crisis, after the to have questions invaded afghanistan, after communists were active, carter looked weak in foreign policy. it became a huge issue by 1980. right now, i think obamacare is a polarizing thing people want to appeal. the
in the hour. yesterday, after days of sending conflicting messages to the world president obama hooked to collar fight u.s.' position we it -- to clarify the u.s.' position we it comes to egypt. >> the president: we said you have to start a transition now. mubarak has decided he's not running again. his term is up this year. we said let's make sure that you get all the group together. let the egyptian people make a determination. what is the process or an orderly transition >> sean: all of those so-called groups could include radicals from the muslim brotherhood. watch this. >> bill: does it disturb you that so many people hate you? i'm serious, serious question. >> the president: the truth is, the people -- and i'm sure previous presidents would say the same thing, bush, clinton, reagan for anybody. the people who dislike you don't know you. >> bill: but they hate you. >> the president: the folks who hate you, don't know you. what they hate is whatever fun house mirror of you that is out there. they don't know you. >> sean: here with reaction to that and who are dick morris. new book
american presidencies. from reagan to obama has endured and lived with and supported the tyranny of hosni mubarak >> sean: isn't it connected to the fact when you go back to camp david accords and sadat after his assassination the fact that egypt lived up to that accord in an environment surrounded by countries that even they were alienated for living up to that accord for the first 10 years? >> right. i believe he's a man of egypt. the peace was made not by hosni mubarak, it was made by sadat. mubarak kept the peace the peace was made in 1977 by a very brave man by the name of anwar sadat. >> sean: i read his autobiography. i think fundamentally what is the third option? if not the muslim brotherhood and elbaradei? if it is not going to be pew mu stays in place? is the third option, vice president's tomorrow will meet with opposition leaders and try and form some type of coalition? >> the third way would be genuine power sharing between the military and civilian administration. the military could be the political system would not go in the wrong hands. the civilian opposition, unity gove
haley is here. hannity starts right now. president obama was on damage control today after his unveiling of his budget monday. from the moment his 3.7 trillion dollar monstrosity was rolled up, conservatives, liberals and republicans -- >> the president: when it comes to difficult choices about our budget and priorities we have found common ground before. ronald reagan and tip o'neil came together to save social security. bill clinton at republican congress found a way to settle their differences and balance the budget. many democrats and republicans in congress today came together in december to pass a tax cut that has made phfrpbs' paychecks a little bigger this year and will spur additional economic growth this year. >> sean: despite the plea, -- republicans are angry over the fact it does little to address the record breaking deficit. >> we saw the president's budget yesterday. it is clear that it spends too much, borrows too much and taxes too much. the most irritating part to me, there's two parts, is that this will continue to hurt job creation in america. >> where is nancy pelosi
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abandoned their jobs. >> elections have retribution, consequences. when our country elected obama president, the republicans didn't run out of the country and start complaining. our state turned red in november. if the democrats want to see something different, they needki rally their wagons and come back and get back into power and they can change things. >> our showing support for what their constituents want. collective bargaining and union busting is not a way to solve a budget. >> is it union busting when you say that i don't want to fire a single worker? isn't that being pro-worker? [ talking over each other ] >> our district -- >> we won, you lost when he came in. i'm sorry, we are in the majority right now. i'm a republican. walker is a republican. so is the assembly and senate. the senators need to come back and do their job. mark miller is my senator, sadly he needs to man-up, all of them need to man-up and do their job. they need their paychecks taken from them. they have no reason to be out there. [ applause ] unions as was the first president of the afl-cio. both made a distinc
do starting this week. >> sean: let me ask you about president obama's involvement. the president has come out in support of the unions, obviously. he didn't put forward a budget that he was going to balance. he was cheerleading for those in the end would be pushing for bankruptcy and insolvency. what make of the president's involvement and the dnc and the president's group organizing for america? >> the president of the united states should start focusing on balancing the federal budget. it is a horrible mess. it is what diving these passive problems. -- what is driving these massive problems. the people who are here from wisconsin over the past week and over the weekend, the tens of thousands of protesters have every right to have their voices heard. i've said repeatedly i'm not going to let their voices over power the voices of the legitimate taxpayers who hired me to get the budget balanced. to show wisconsin is open for business. you have tens of thousands of protesters from chicago and nevada and new jersey and other places -- >> sean: one last question. you have said emphatical
'm talking about mr. obama, through today's comment by mr. gibbs is the kind of thing that is going to cause all kinds of anxiety all over that part of the world. >> sean: there's been nothing but confusion. biden says he's not a dictator. hillary says he's got a firm grip on power. gibbs the other day no comment. the president last night said opposition groups have to come in, does that mean the muslim brotherhood? >> obviously, the most organized of all of the opposition in egypt. the muslim brotherhood has been suppressed, repressed, if you want to use the word but not just anwar sadat or mubarak by all of the predecessors. the reason they did so was because they knew sharia law was not going to work in egypt. >> sean: we have this radical cleric on in the next segment. allah our objective, prophet our leader, qur'an is our law. >> he will, i'll give you a prediction he will tell you jihad is in the mind it is a spiritual individual commitment to the teaching of islam. >> sean: he will join us in a minute. he says he believes in violence. >> the muslim brotherhood does indeed the same thi
. president obama reacted to the news by declaring egypt the nation that would never be the same. >> the president: by stepping down, president pew mu responded to the egyptian -- president mubarak responded to the egyptian people's hunger for change. this is not the end of the transition it is the beginning. tahrir means liberation. there's a word that speaks to that something in our souls that cries out for freedom. and forever more it will remind us of the egyptian people. what they did. of the things they stood for. and how they changed their country and in doing so, changed the world. >> sean: what comes next? joining me with reaction in jerusalem the christian broadcast network's eric stacklebeck. stephen, let me start with you. at the end of the day we've weakened america's influence in the world. confusion, incompetence, lack of decisiveness, contradict hunt among hillary clinton, one moment -- contradiction among hillary clinton, contradicting the vice president. i think there was amazing, amazing incompetence and contradict by our own administration. your reaction? >> i
media bias. >> 1.8 million jobs have been created so far. >> sean: this week the obama budget edition. >> plus governor christie has a few choice words for the white house. >> we are teetering on the edge of disaster. >> sean: hannity starts right here, right now. tonight wisconsin has reached a boiling point. protests growing after governor walker made it clear to union they've eaten their last free lunch in his state. the controversy began when he unveiled his budget to eliminate collective bargaining rights for most state workers to gain control of the per little -- perilous economic situation. a vote was to be held on the budget. all democratic state senators cowardly fled and went into hiding to prehaven't a vote. later this afternoon they -- prevent a vote. later this afternoon they were found held up in an illinois resort. thousands of teachers who would be affected by the measure refused to show up for work. that selfish move forced a number of schools to shutdown. what may shock you is what going on inside. take a close look at the vitriol and violent rhetoric spewed at these
? there is no defending that. >> if president obama had run on a promise to guarantee universal health care and on taking office had come in and nationalized the entire medical industry you would say he was exercising dictatorial powers. >> you are not answering my question. [ talking over each other ] >> thank you gentlemen, i appreciate it. >> coming up, the government shutdown may be around the corner. sean gets the rnc's chairman thoughts. >> as muammar qadhafi khreupblss to power, does the white house have -- clings to power, does the white house have a strategy to deal with it? john bolton is here with his analysis. stay tuned. [ my vet thinks my insidesng i aare in mint condition.up. [ female announcer ] vets agree, a healthy checkup starts inside. our breakthrough iams premium protection formula is developed with vets with cutting edge ingredients for the lifelong health of your pet. [ dog ] healthy inside and out. come on, up high! [ female announcer ] iams premium protection. our most advanced iams nutrition. ever. [ g ] i am an iams dog. ♪ woof. h like the pros you gotta wake up early like t
falls to a new low. our weekly analysis of mainstream obama media bias. with temporary spending bill set to expire soon and democrats unwilling to agree on spending cuts is a government shutdown inevitable? i'll ask senator rand paul. >> qadhafi's chaos grows. now there are new concerns over his stockpiles of chemical weapons. colonel north is here with the latest from libya. we are on the road to 2012. hannity starts right now. wisconsin state police on the lookout for those 14 missing senators. senate republicans sent the authorities to the homes of lawmakers after there were reports some may have returned to wisconsin. at this hour the senators remain at large. perhaps they are too busy enjoying the water park at their illinois resort. democrats may be mia pro-union protesters were in madison today when events turned ugly. >> you call me names. >> you not intelligent. [ inaudible ] >> whoa! >> are you taping me? >> yeah, we are. >> sean: that is the sort of civility we've come to respect from democrats and their allies. charging wisconsin governor is taking up the posture of a dictato
and will not leave the presidential palace. president obama stopped short of calling for him to step down saying the transition needs to begin right now. >> the president: the key question he should be asking is how do i leave a legacy behind in which egypt is able to get through this transformative period? my hope is that he will up making the right decision. >> reporter: most of alexandria is calm. soldiers patrol with bayonets fixed on the end of their rifles. neighborhood watches, people walk the streets with sticks and clubs. we hear gunfire occasionally not battles, only warning shots. >> bret: mike tobin, live in al zhan -- alexandria. let's i in our panel. kt mc-- let's begin elliot with where we are and where it may go in coming days. your thoughts? >> i think the army which said this week that they weren't going to fire and didn't, also didn't fire on president mubarak he's still there. they are all still there. the question for the coming days. can the army find a compromise where mubarak stays as president but gives up his powers to vice president suleiman? satisfying the army, satis
: are president obama's election -- ever chances slipping away? sarah palin is here. >> the root lies in the existence of this extremist ideology. >> sean: british prime minister makes surprising statements about muslims and multi-cull turpl. . mark stein says maybe he has a point . >> >> sean: the vice president is at it again, this time with a 53 million dollar boondoggle on his hands. >> conditions are worse with this administration. >> sean: not everyone in hollywood is happy with obama. my old buddy ed asner rips into the president on the radio. hannity starts right now. welcome to this wednesday edition. in a moment i will be joined by governor palin. we begin with new caned s of president obama's reelection chances in 2012 are dwindling. according to a cnn poll a majority of the americans expect the president to lose his reelection bid. only 46% believe he will win a second term. those numbers could be the result of the growing opposition on the president's handling of the economy. his approval rating dropped to a new low only 27% approve of his handling of this monstrous defic
right now. 3.7 trillion the staggering bottom line of president obama's 2012 budget. the white house's economic blueprint for the next fiscal year was unveiled this morning and was almost immediately blasted by the left and right. republicans are angry the budget does little to address the growing federal deficit which will hit a record high of 1.65 trillion this year. >> our problem is, we are running out of road to keep kicking this can down. what did we get today? we a punt. the president punted on the budget. and he punted on the deficit and debt. that's not leadership. that's an abdication of leadership. >> sean: some democrats are voicing concerns. chairman of the senate budget committee kent conrad said more needs to be done on debt reduction. he pointed out the president all but ignored the recommendation of his deficit commission. despite that members of the administration are calling the budget fiscally responsible. claiming it will help reduce the deficit by 1.1 trillion over the next decade. what you won't hear from the white house is a third of that reduction will come f
on the verge of collapse? >> governor huckabee is here from our government.; the obama add may want to take notes. back to business that's what is happening today in wisconsin. scott fitzgerald pledges to move forward with the state's pressing agenda. despite the continuing absence of senate democratshf. >> we are ready to do business. we the bill is not negotiable. >> sean: all 14 senate democrats have been mia since thursday in an effort to prevent a vote on scott walker's bill. that9t measure aims to reduceÑaÑ wisconsin's swelling deficit by increasing cost of benefits and curbing collective bargaining rights. governor walker argued against the democrats cut last night on this program. >> i applaud senate majority leader scott fitzgerald bringing the senate to the floor tomorrow. they are going to start bringingó'm up important pieces of legislation. my hope is constituents stand up and tell those senators to do what they are being paid to do. >> sean: the battle over union benefits and rights continues to escalate and spread across the midwest. democrats in indiana are:q now fleeing
barack obama once he assumed the responsibilities of being commander in chief in 2009 he found making policy was much different from making speeches. were you referring to guantanamo and his promise he would close it. >> during the campaign he and his opponent both were critical of the bush administration. now president, but candidate obama was critical of guantanamo. he was critical of indefinite detention for unlawful combatants. critical of military commissions. here we are two plus years later, all of those things are there. not because anyone winds this -- wants them to be there but they were the best solutions. the structure that president bush and his administration put in place, it seems to me, is today accepted as a good structure. as things that were needed. not things we wanted. given the fay turf terrorism in the world, thing -- given the nature of terrorism in the world, things that were needed. >> sean: coming up, hiszrhfz 193 meeting, one of the few to sit and meet with saddam hussein. also the very personal side of the secretary. also, leading the pentagon after 9/11 a
rates businesses will be hit in the long term according to the "washington post" starting in 2014, obama would target companies for sharply higher payroll taxes to help states replenish their unemployment funds and repay their debts to washington. growing deficit and tax hikes on the horizon. how is this likely to play out for the president in the 2012 race? governor, i don't get it, the white house doesn't get it. again in two years we have the issue of raising taxes on small business. now they are going to tax small business here. what part of this is not going to help the economy do you think they don't get? >> that is why the poll numbers are reflective of the public's per self watch is really going on. -- perception of what is really going on. the policies lack the soundness we you consider the idea of bailing out states that is going to be the answer to these problems. no, the poll numbers reflect that americans, at this point are saying, enough is enough. this ain't our first rodeo. after two years of failed leftist policies we are not believing growing more government and taxing
with a country like iran and ahmadinejad negotiations will never work. >> clinton through bush and obama have all believed there was some level of ben nate iran could be offered that would get it to give up its nuclear program. >> this attempt to negotiation as -- they regard this attempt at negotiation as a sign of [ robin ] quality and reliability are more than words here. it's personal. i have diabetes. so i'm proud to manufacture the accu-chek aviva meters and test strips here in the usa. and now we put a prescription discount card in every box so you'll pay no more than $15 on tt strips, which is a true american value foreople with dbetes likee. [ male announcer ] accu-chek aviva. born in the usa. >>> americans, europeans are really uncomfortable with the idea of holy wars and mass murder for religious reasons. they can't imagine themselves slaughtering other human beings because the true re john needs to defeat the enemies of god. because they can't imagine that for themselves. they also can't imagine that others behave that way. but this is a fail are of imagination. -- this is a failure o
Search Results 0 to 39 of about 40 (some duplicates have been removed)